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Erez Tacher, CEO @ AgileSparks

Yael Rabinovich, Lead Coach & Partner @ AgileSparks

15 mins

Michael Galloway,
Senior Engineering Manager – Delivery Integrations @ Netflix

Over the last 5 years, Netflix has been pioneering a software development model based on full ownership of the end-to-end development cycle. This approach, known as the Full Cycle Developer model, has significantly changed the way Netflix engineering teams own and operate code. With a culture based on concepts like Freedom and Responsibility, and Context not Control, how did Netflix transform its approach to engineering and operations? This talk describes our journey.



Nataly Kremer
AT&T VP, Israel General Manager @AT&T




Orit Yaron
VP Cloud Platform @Outbrain

The DevOps transformation process is all about change, bringing uncentertinty. As managers it is up to us to provide our teams the right level of comfort, while taking them out of their comfort zone – sounds tricky? This talk is tips and tricks on how to develop the muscle of dealing with uncertainty.



David Forsher,
Head of Digital Department, IT Division @ Isracard

Notes and experiences from Isracard Agile transformation journey


Joakim Sundén
ex-Spotify Agile coach, Consultant, Author of Kanban in Action

“I would have killed that if it was just me, 100%,” said Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek about Discover Weekly, a feature that would become one of Spotify’s most loved product features, almost a brand in itself. Designers and senior engineers were equally skeptical, but the team was still able to ship the feature. In this talk, you’ll learn how Spotify’s organizational culture of Agile management and autonomous teams enables innovation, using the Discover Weekly feature as an example.


Ehud Shavit,

Software development team leader

In this session I will take you through my own personal journey in OptimalPlus as a team leader. I will share my experience of how to transform a team of individuals to a fully collaborated team, how to reduce micromanagement from your superior and which tools can assist us to preform knowledge sharing and increase collaboration. I’m going to share how we increased engagement and made an impact as a team on the organization.



Karin Moscovici, VP R&D @ Riskified

Erik Parienty, Head of DevOps @ Riskified
For Agile to be more than just a buzzword, we need to have the Agile supporting foundations in our R&D organization. Those are Cultural, Organizational, and Technical. In this talk, Karin will showcase their first-hand story on building autonomous agile teams (outside and inside the R&D) and what the basics needs from a company for doing it right are. We’ll better understand what a DevOps Culture is and how the DevOps team is enabling the Agile autonomous teams to work independently by developing new infrastructure projects.


Keren Rubin
VP People Operations @ Augury

The same principles that guide building a sticky product that customers love, apply when building a company employees are engaged with and proud to be a part of. Join to learn: How do we utilize data in People Ops, What is team design and why you need it for building autonomous teams, why are we hiring in sprints, and how this all relates to Conyay’s law.

Liat Palace, Head of Agile and DevOps implementation, Amdocs
Ami Ganot, VP R&D, OM2 Technologies
Tomer Simon, National Technology Officer | Futurist | Thought Leadership | Innovation Evangelist, Microsoft Israel

Omer Meshar, Agile Coach in CyberArk


Raffi Margaliot
SVP & General Manager, Application Delivery Management at Micro Focus


Yaki Koren @ AgileSparks
Agile Coach, Head of engineering practices

How I learned to love TDD and why should you: a journey to the most fundamental development technique


Oded Tamir
Enterprise Agile & DevOps coach, lead coach @ AgileSparks


Daniel Sternlicht,
Frontend Guild Master @Outbrain

Growing teams and organizations are usually facing the same problems: lack of knowledge sharing and collaboration between teams, missing standardization, cross-organization infrastructure – any of these sound familiar? Well, good news, you’re not alone! In this talk, we’ll discuss the issues growing teams are facing, how to solve them, what are the challenges of creating micro-communities such as guilds, forums, and professional groups in your organization, and what it actually takes.


Shiri Arad Ivtsan
Senior Product Manager @ WhiteSource

DevSecOps sets out to relieve the costly and stressful delays that can occur when security testing is performed late in the game, by setting up processes and tools for “shifting left” so security testing can happen early and often. As organizations continue to embrace this DevSecOps approach, testing tools and practices are integrated even further left in the development pipeline. In this session, we will discuss: Where and how developers are implementing DevSecOps in the SDLC; Best practices for developers to adopt DevSecOps and more efficiently handle vulnerabilities; Necessary steps for implementing a process for detection, prioritization, and remediation of open source vulnerabilities.


Ofer Cohen
Lead coach & Partner , (SPCT) SAFe Program Consultant Trainer @ AgileSparks

Everyone today is using the term Bussiness Agility, What is it, How is it different from Agile and how to implement it


Pazit Dishon
Director of Data Acquisition @PIPL

At Pipl we constantly have ideas on how to improve our products or create new ones. Turning these ideas into live features or products with high ROI is challenging due to the complexity of data projects. In order to overcome these challenges we recently adopted the hypothesis driven development approach. Why did we choose this approach? How did we implement it? How do we measure success, value to customers? This and more will be discussed in my talk.



Neeraj Bachani

Lead coach , SPCT @ AgileSparks